This article describes the process of on-boarding a new Customer / Merchant. If you have any further questions regarding on-boarding of new Merchant IDs, please contact the Support team.

  1. Merchant ID/s are set-up by Acquirer
    • Depending on who the Merchant’s Acquirer is depends on who will issue the Merchant ID for the Merchant. For a list of the supported Acquirers/MIDs which Woohoo Pay can onboard, please see here.

  2. Reseller completes ‘New Sign-up Form’
    • The ‘New Sign-up Form’ needs completing for each Merchant you wish to onboard on the Gateway. The norm is for the Merchant to complete the PDF form and return it to the Reseller.
      • This form was sent across to the Reseller when the platform first went live.

  1. Completed form sent to Woohoo Pay
    • Once the ‘New Sign-up Form’ has been completed and return to the Reseller. The Reseller should then send this PDF form across to partnersupport@woohoopay.com via e-mail. Once received by Woohoo Pay Support you’ll receive a response from a representative who will see the set-up through to going live.
      • Partner Support is an monitored inbox used for New Applications and Support queries for our Resellers.

  1. Woohoo Pay process form and set-up account
    • The Woohoo Pay Support representative will take the appropriate actions internally to set the account up on the Gateway. Some accounts will require a Terminal ID log-on with the Acquirer, however some do not. Woohoo Pay handle this whole process for the Reseller.
      • On average an account set-up does not take more than 24 working hours. If a delay is expected, Resellers are notified via the original application submission e-mail trail.

  1. Woohoo Pay tests connection with Merchant Acquirer
    • A dummy transaction is attempted on the Merchants Accounts to ensure a live and processing connecting is available between the Gateway and the MID.

  2. Account live letter is sent to Reseller
    • A standard template live letter is sent across to the Reseller (the account requester will receive the e-mail). This live letter contains all the details for the Merchant including their Gateway ID, Signature Key and the Merchant Management System (MMS) details.

  3. Reseller provides Merchant with live details
    • It is the Resellers responsibility to forward the appropriate live details onto the Merchant for viewing and notification. The Merchant should produce an internal process to action this.
      • The Gateway ID and Signature Key is require for any Merchants completing an integration to the Gateway.
      • The MMS details are for those users who want to view transaction reports and make use of the Virtual Terminal and Pay Button functionality.

  1. Merchant can begin processing
    • Once the Reseller has shared the live details with the Merchant, they can complete any final set-up on their side (e.g. the integration) and from there they can begin processing and using the Gateway as required.
      • We do recommend Merchant’s run a friendly live transaction to ensure your entire card processing system is operating as they expect. This will also give them a final chance to check their settlement times and settlement bank details before going live.