Within the ‘Reports’ tab you can opt-in or opt-out of a Gateway automated report. The reports can be requested on a Daily and/or Monthly basis. These reports are available in CSV format and they are based of an ‘Activity Report’. 

Enabling Automated Reports

In order to enable automated reports, you’ll need to click ‘Report Preference’ on the top right of the Reports tab. Once clicked a dialog box will appear with the following options:

Click the ‘Daily transaction report (CSV format)’ and/or ‘Monthly transaction report (CSV format)’ to opt-in for automated reports to be generated.

Users will be notified via e-mail when their Daily/Monthly reports are ready to view and download – please note the user must have a valid e-mail address as their User ID for this e-mail to be received. Users that don’t have an email address for their User ID can still use this system however they will not receive e-mail notifications.


The Daily and Monthly reports includes the following information:

  • Transaction ID    
  • Create Time    
  • Modify Time    
  • User ID
  • User Name    
  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant Name    
  • Customer Name    
  • Processor Name    
  • Integration Name    
  • Action    
  • Method    
  • Country Code    
  • Currency Code    
  • Amount Required    
  • Amount Approved    
  • Amount Received
  • Amount Refunded
  • Cross Reference    
  • Unique Reference
  • Order Description    
  • Cardholder Name    
  • Cardholder Address    
  • Cardholder Postcode    
  • Cardholder Email    
  • Payment Method
  • Card Type    
  • Card Brand    
  • Card Number    
  • Card Expiry    
  • 3DS Check    
  • CV2 Check    
  • Address Check    
  • Postcode Check
  • Remote Address    
  • Auth Code    
  • State    
  • Response Code    
  • Response Message