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Merchant Account FAQs

These are questions Woohoo Pay Support commonly see regarding Merchant Accounts:

Q – What is a Merchant Account?

An account designed to settle funds into the Merchant’s business account. This is a service charged at a percent per transaction fee.

Q – When will I get my money?

A typical settlement period is between three to five working days.

Q – How long does it take to go live?

The standard Merchant Account set-up process can take around 2 weeks.

Q – How do I change the descriptor on the Cardholders Bank statement?

To change the Merchants billing descriptor (what appears on the Cardholders bank statement), the Merchant will need to contact their Merchant Acquirer’s Helpdesk.

Q – Can I process using multiple currencies?

Yes, the Payment Gateway accepts all Worldwide currencies.

Q – Do Woohoo Pay provide Merchant Accounts?

No, Woohoo Pay do not provide Merchant Accounts. However, if your Merchant requires a merchant account and you require some assistance with sourcing them one, Woohoo Pay are more than happy to help. Woohoo Pay are partnered with many of the UK Merchant Acquirers through Europe, the US, Canada, and Mexico which allows us to get preferential rates on merchant accounts for prospective Merchants. We shop around for the Merchant and then cherry pick the best deal for them.

Q – What Acquirers do Woohoo Pay partner with?

Woohoo Pay work with a number of Acquirers around the World. The full list of supported Acquirers can be viewed here.

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