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Payment Service Providers

Woohoo Pay’s Open Payment Network is directly integrated and accredited with over 60 acquirers across the globe.

Payment Service Providers requiring acquirer connections.

Every major acquirer in the UK and Europe is part of the Open Payment Network. The acquirer network also covers regions such as North America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Middle East and vast parts of Asia. The Open Payment Network is forever growing and lighting up new regions every month.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs) are able to join the Open Payment Network through a single API that opens up connections to global acquirers.

This swift method allows them to expand rapidly and service global merchants without being restricted by heavy investment into their own technology.

PSP partners do not need to worry about payment processing requirements such as PCI and PSD2 or stay on top of technology developments.

PSPs have control of transaction routing with features such as tokenisation and velocity checking. This can ensure a merchant is within certain thresholds.

PSPs also benefit from full visibility of payment transactions, independent of whether the transaction was processed by a specific acquirer or alternative payment methods.